How to boost your Troop and team Stats

Some enemy players may have higher Troop Skills (or Stat points) even when using the same Troop or card. Learn how to boost your Troop's Skills using Team, Guild, Kingdom and various other bonuses. 

Bonuses give you increased Stats or Skill points to boost the Armor health, Magic or Attack of your Hero or Troops. You can increase your Troop's power by boosting their Stats through:


Team Bonuses

Certain amounts of unique Troop Types, Kingdoms Levels or Mana colors of Troops will give a Team bonus. There are also Permanent Bonuses given by your Kingdom Levels and even some benefits your Guild can give. These bonuses apply automatically to the entire team. Troops and Heroes receive the bonuses regardless of their 'Type' or 'Kingdom' quality. 

To see Team bonuses, go to the Troop menu, select a team and then open the Bonuses tab.

Kingdom Stat Bonuses 

Are earned by unlocking and levelling Kingdoms to 10. Once at 10, each Kingdom will give a permanent Skill bonus to all Troops, including your Hero. You can further improve the Skills that each Kingdom can give by earning Kingdom power and reaching 5 Stars for that Kingdom.
Find more information about Kingdom Stars or Power Level here.


Guild Bonuses

Complete all 12 out of 12 Guild Tasks on each Statue Color to unlock Stat bonuses. Statue Bonuses last for 7 days. 


Note: In this screenshot, all Guild tasks have been completed and these are the maximum bonuses you can receive for your team that are given from your Guild.

Troop Type Bonus

Use teams that have three or four Troops with the same "Type", such as 3 Undead Troops or 4 Divines. To unlock the Troop Type bonus you must have unique (different) Troops that have the Type. Each type has its own specific (but not unique) set of Bonuses. Because Troops can have two types each, it is possible to have multiple Troop type bonuses on one team. For example, you can gain Bonuses for having both 3 unique Divines as well as Knights if there are 3 different Troops who are both Divine and a Knight.


Kingdom Team Bonuses

Use teams that have two, three or four Troops from the same Kingdom, or gain a larger bonus for having three or four Troops from the same Kingdom. Each Kingdom has its own specific range of bonuses (although they are not all unique).


TIP: Earn Skill bonuses by having two Troops from one kingdom and the other two from a second Kingdom: you will still get both the smallest two-Troop bonus for both Kingdoms.

Color Bonus

Are given to teams that have all four Troops sharing at least one mana color. For example, you can have four Purple Troops and earn a Bonus called "Maester of Magic". Even if each Troop uses more than one mana color, as long as each Troop has Purple you will still earn the Bonus.

With multiple Troops of the same color selected, wiew your 'Bonuses' screen to see what Color gives which benefits.



Difficulty Level

Some game-modes are affected by the your chosen Difficulty setting. Difficulties Hard and Warlord I- IV will increase the enemies' Stats making battles harder to fight, in return, you will gain increased rewards from each battle.

Game-modes where you can change the difficulty are:

  • Quests
  • Explore
  • Challenges
  • Casual PVP
  • Arena


Individual Troop Bonuses

These bonuses are applied to individual Troops rather than to the whole team.

Levelling and Ascension

Spend Souls you earn from battles to level your Troops. As Troops gain levels they get more Skill points, making them tougher in battles. Troops will gain Skill points at every level.


Similar to levelling a Troop, Ascending a Troop to a new rarity will give the Troop more Skill points.


 TIP: For a detail guide on Levelling and Ascension go here.


There are many types of different Traits that can increase a Troop's Skill points. There are two main ways these Traits work, and the Traits are usually based on the theme of the Troop. 

Team Based

Traits like Magic Spirit or Beast Bond increase a Troop's Skill points based on other Troops in your Team. This depends on what Mana colors they use or their Troop Type. The Bonus is given to all Troops times by each Troop that uses the Mana color.

For example: Troop A has Magic Spirit unlocked which gives +1 Magic for all Troops that uses Purple Mana. The team also has Troop B which uses purple Mana. So Troop A will gain +2 Magic from Magic Spirit.

Special Condition

These Traits, like Arcane or Frenzy, have a requirement that will trigger the Skill point gain. Some of these requirements including: matching 4+ gems of the same color, taking damage, casting spells, or Troops dying.

For example: Troop A has Frenzy unlocked, that gives +1 Attack when that Troop takes damage. The enemy matches 3 skulls and deals damage to Troop A. Frenzy then activates, giving Troop A +1 Attack.


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