Explore Mode

Explore Mode is a mini-game located in every Kingdom. The battles consist mostly of Troops that are part of the Kingdom's Quest line and Challenges. The rewards include an increased chance of getting a rarer Traitstone than other types of battles. 


To Explore in a Kingdom, that Kingdom must be unlocked and the main quest line must be completed. Class Quests do not need to be completed to start Explore for that Kingdom. After that, Explore can be accessed from the Kingdom's main menu.


The Traitstones that can be earned are all Traitstones matching the Arcane Traitstone shown in the image on the Explore button.

For Example, in Broken Spire you can find:

Minor, Major and Runic Earth and Water Traitstones as well as Arcane Shield Traitstones (Blue/Brown) and Celestial Traitstones.

There are increased chances to find the following:

  • Runic Traitstones have a x2 chance
  • Arcane Traitstones have a x3 chance
  • Celestial Traitstones have a x3 chance

This article lists where to find specific rare Traitstones. Some can be found in multiple Kingdoms. Winning Explore battles on the highest difficulty will also earn Guild Seals.


Earning Arcane Traitstones

Like all games with collectible elements, from Magic The Gathering to Pokemon Go, there is a chance to get lucky when getting new things, and (unfortunately) a chance to get unlucky too. While it might be normal to get, say, 4 in 80 Arcane Traitstones from Explore, sometimes you will get 6, but other times you may get zero.

Explore mode is one of the two best ways to target specific Traitstones, besides the Soulforge. Alternatively, you can accumulate Glory - some Weekly Event Troops may come on offer in the Shop for Glory rewards where you can also obtain Arcane Traitstones. 



  • Use Troops that do damage to more than one enemy at a time to "farm" Traitstones and earn them quickly. This will help speed up Explore battles. You can also use Empowered Troops (Troops that start the battle with some Mana already filled)
    • Some experienced players recommend using a team composition of: Bombot, Sunbird, Bombot, Sunbird with Dark Banner.
  • Turn your animation speed up to 4x in the settings for even faster battles
  • Consider leaving the difficulty on Normal to make battles faster
  • Explore is also a great place to find Treasure Gnomes!
  • You can also earn Champion XP by quickly completing Explore battles with your Hero in your team.
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