What is Explore Mode?


Explore Mode is a mini game that is not located in a specific kingdom, but in all of them. Each kingdom has its own Explore area, where players can fight against teams composed largely of troops from that kingdom. The reward includes an increased chance of getting rarer traitstones.

To Explore in a kingdom, that kingdom must be unlocked and its quest line must be completed. After that, Explore can be accessed from its kingdom menu.

The traitstones that can be earned are the same as normal, with increased chances as follows:

  • Runic traitstones have a 2x chance
  • Arcane traitstones have a 3x chance
  • Celestial traitstones have a 3x chance

This article lists where to find specific rare traitstones. Note that some can be found in multiple kingdoms.

Winning Explore battles on the highest difficulty will also earn Guild Seals (see article on the subject), although this may be out of reach for lower-level players.

Is possible to be unlucky in Explore mode?

Like all games with collectible elements, from Magic The Gathering to Pokemon Go, there is a chance to get lucky when getting new things, and (unfortunately) a chance to get unlucky too. While it might be normal to get say 4 in 80 Arcane Traitstones from Explore, sometimes you will get 6, but other times you might get zero.

Explore mode is one of the two best ways to target specific traitstones (Next to the Soulforge). Alternatively you can save Glory and hope that a weekly event troop with the colors you are looking for comes up and spend your glory getting the troop packs for the Arcane traitstones.

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