Quest and challenge rewards

Complete quests and challenges to unlock new game features, classes, and unique rewards that are more easily obtainable than compared to other areas of the game.

Rewards for Quests:

  • Increased bonus income for kingdoms
  • Unlock challenges in kingdoms
  • Unlock the quest giver as an Epic-rarity troop (at the end of a quest line)
  • Unlock new Hero Classes (at the end of a quest line, though not in all kingdoms)
  • Unlock the Explore Mode by completing the Kingdoms quest line
  • Unlock the Soulforge by completing Blighted Lands
  • Unlock Dungeons by completing quests in Drifting Sands


Reward useful amounts of bonus souls for first-time completion of difficulty levels.

Both quests and challenges are done in specific kingdoms, so they can be played through to find each respective kingdoms' traitstones (see our traitstone list here), although the Explore mode is better for doing that.


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