Difficulty settings and their benefits

Certain game modes allow you to select the difficulty settings. Setting them high will not only make the opposing team more difficult to defeat but it will also apply reward bonuses.

Change the difficulty of a game-mode by opening the battle screen in each mode where the teams are shown. Only some game-modes can have their difficulty adjusted:

  • Quests
  • Explore
  • Challenges
  • Casual PVP
  • Arena

There are six levels of difficulty: Normal, Hard, and Warlord I-IV. Each Warlord level requires your Hero or game to be at a certain Level to unlock the difficulty: For example, Warlord IV requires Hero Level 150.



Changing the difficulty

To change the difficulty, use the green arrows. Each difficulty level provides correspondingly higher experience, gold and soul rewards - but each higher level also further multiplies the stats of the enemies' troops.

To see the bonuses for each difficulty level, select the blue ? icon found next to the difficulty.


The following table outlines all the bonuses for each difficulty setting.

  Monster Stats Bonus XP Bonus Gold Bonus Souls
Normal None None None None
Hard +10% +10% +10% +25%
Warlord I +25% +25% +25% +50%
Warlord II +50% +50% +50% +75%
Warlord III +100% +75% +75% +100%
Warlord IV +200% +100% +100% +125%
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