What are Status Effects and how do they work?

Status Effects are temporary effects that can be applied to a troop during battle. Nearly all of them are negative effects, sometimes called 'debuffs' in gaming parlance. Most status effects are removed after a few turns - there is a 10% chance per turn the effect is in place, so a 10% chance on the first turn and 20% on the second and so on.

Many troops have bonuses or other effects based on troops having Status Effects in place - for instance, abilities that do increased damage or apply a conditional extra result, Traits that cause double skull damage to afflicted troops, or abilities that scale in other ways based on the state of all troops on the board.


Barrier is, so far, the only positive status effect. A troop with Barrier is protected from one instance of damage, after which the Barrier is removed and the troop is back to normal.


Burning causes the afflicted troop to take 3 damage per turn. This hits armor first, and can do lethal damage to a troop.


Death Mark causes an afflicted troop to have a 10% chance to die at the start of each turn.


Disease causes a troop to only gain half the mana it normally would. If there is an unaffected troop in front that blocks the mana gain of a diseased troop, that troop gains mana as it normally would.


Entangle reduces a troop's Attack stat to 0, and prevents that troop from gaining attack by any means. This prevents some reactions based on skull damage, such as 'inflict a debuff on dealing skull damage'.


Frozen troops prevent some extra turns from taking place - 4- and 5-matches of a Frozen troop's colors will not grant extra turns, and a Frozen troop's abilities that would normally grant extra turns will not do so.


Hunter's Mark causes afflicted troops to take double damage from skulls.


Poison causes the afflicted troop to have a 50% chance to lose 1 life every turn. This ignores armor, and unlike other effects, lasts until removed or until the troop perishes. Poison can do lethal damage to a troop and kill the troop itself.


Silence prevents a troop from gaining mana at all or using its ability. Mana that the troop would normally gain can be gained by troops behind it. When the Silence wears off, the troop will have the same mana it had before being Silenced.


Stun disables all of a troops' traits until the effect wears off.


Web, similar to Entangle, reduces a troop's Magic stat to 0, and prevents that troop gaining more Magic. A Webbed troop will still have the base stats on its ability, i.e. if it has an ability that has a base value, plus Magic, plus is boosted by another factor, the ability will work as normal but not be increased by the Magic stat of 0.



All negative status effects can be removed if a troop is Cleansed, which can be achieved via certain troop's abilities and some hero weapons.


Immunity Traits also prevent status effects from being applied in the first place. Every negative status has one - Fireproof troops are immune to Burns, troops with Thick Head are immune to being Stunned, and so on. The trait Impervious prevents all negative status effects on that troop, among other things.

Status Effect Immunity Trait
Burning Fireproof
Death Mark Warded
Disease Immune
Entangle Flying
Frozen Insulated
Hunter's Mark Cunning
Poison Sturdy
Silence Alert
Stun Thick Head
Web Slippery


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