Join, close and use chat

You can use chat to talk to other players across the world in Gems of War! Chat is the black, blue and white icon found in the top middle of the screen, or in the top left-hand corner of the screen during a battle.


Inside the chat menu you can access any Global Chat channel you choose as well as your Guild's private chat channel if you have joined a guild. To leave chat select the green downwards facing arrow and select 'Disconnect'. To join another channel select 'Channel: ###' and type in the channel number. 

Chat functions - closing the chat menu (transparent chat)


If you are having problems closing chat and the menu appears over the game, adjust the 'Inactive Chat Fade' slider until the star is at the far left of the slider. 


Player's names can be also be clicked on to view their profiles.


What channels are for different languages?

English: Channel 001 - 099
German: Channel 100 - 199,
Spanish: Channel 200 - 299,
French: Channel 300 - 399
Italian: Channel 400 - 499,
Russian: Channel 500 - 599.





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