What are Armor Bonuses?

Armor Bonuses provide the user with an increased amount of Gold, Souls, and Experience from battles. New armor can be purchased by spending Gems in the Armor tab of the Shop - the higher-value sets providing better bonuses. The most sought-after set is  Dragon Armor, which costs 500 Gems and provides a 100% bonus to Gold earned and a 50% bonus to both Souls and experience.

There is also Deathknight Armor, the one set that can only be purchased with money. The bundle can be found in the Specials tab of the Shop (price may vary depending on location).

A player's current armor can be changed by going to the Hero area via the world map, then visiting the Armor tab. Pressing the arrow buttons cycles through any available armor effects.

(It is possible to apply the look of one set of armor by visiting the Appearance tab, while retaining the bonuses of the player's best set of armor.)

Armor bonuses stack additively with similar bonuses from VIP levels and Difficulty levels (although the latter does not apply in Ranked PVP).

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