What are VIP Levels and how do they work?

Players can unlock VIP status by spending money on Gems and Bundles in the Shop. Each purchase permanently adds VIP Points to your account, and the more VIP Points you have, the higher your VIP Level will be. Higher VIP Levels come with increasingly large bonuses to rewards, daily login bonuses, and some unique extras - for instance, reaching VIP Level 5 or greater grants the ability to open VIP Chests.

Note: the money-to-VIP Points ratio will vary depending on one's location and currency.


It is possible to check your current VIP Level and progress towards the next by clicking on the VIP button in any area of the Shop.



Note: The points displayed as required for each level are only for that one level - they are not the total points you need to reach the level.

Using the above image as an example, 500 VIP Points are needed to get from VIP Level 6 to Level 7. However, to reach level 7 starting with 0 VIP Points a cumulative total of 1550 VIP Points is needed.

The table below shows the VIP Points needed per level, the cumulative (total) VIP Points needed and the various rewards granted by VIP Levels.

The bonuses granted to Experience, Souls and Gold stack additively with similar bonuses from Armor and increased difficulty level.

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