Troop Rarity

Troops follow differing "Rarities" which determine the overall value and power of the card and the power of Spells and Traits the Troop has.

There are 6 different Rarities which increase in value. Rarities are identified by the color bordering the Troop's card. Rarities can be increased by Ascending Troops, however, the base rarity of a Troop will determine the minimum of its overall power. 


TIP: To identify a Troop's base Rarity look for the jagged star icon that will show instead of the dots at the top of the Troop's card.


Rarity Tiers and their colors

  • Common (the lowest value): White
  • Rare: Green
  • Ultra-Rare: Blue
  • Epic: Purple
  • Legendary: Gold
  • Mythic (the highest value): Cyan 


Rarity Tier Value

Common troops

Common Troops are the easiest to obtain. They have 1 mana color instead of the standard 2 mana colors, however, not much mana is required to fill them. Common Troops have lower stats even when fully upgraded and their abilities are basic with only one or two actions in their Spell. The Spells are often dependent on something else occurring, such as Zombie who gains 9 Life, boosted by the Skulls removed. Common Troops do not have unique names. 

Rare troops

Rare Troops are slightly more Rare than Common cards but have higher stats. They can collect mana from two colors with a mana cost that is typically between 8-11.  Their Spells have better stats, and a wide range of abilities encompassing offense, defense, and strong utility options. Rare troops are often found in strong synergies with more powerful Troops as they are common enough to Ascend to a high Rarity but still have Spells with wide functions.

Ultra-Rare troops 

Ultra-Rare Troops have a mana cost typically 11-12, however, at this level Spells begin to include Explosions, Gem Transformations, and other Spell effects. The abilities, stats, and traits prove them useful at most stages of the game. They are particularly useful in early game-play due to the wide variety of Spells and power of the Spells available, whilst still being relatively easy to obtain. Upgrading enough Ultra-Rare Troops by Ascending and Levelling them can provide a huge boost to their Stats and Spell powers. When used properly they can be as powerful as some Legendary and Mythic Troops.

Epic troops 

Epic Troops are the most common Troop to find below Rare Troops such as Legendaries and Mythics that have high stats and powerful Traits and Spells. Their Spells typically involve multiple actions as well as doing a large amount of damage, and upgrading these Troops enough can make them as powerful as Legendaries or Mythics. Their mana cost typically ranges between 11-13 and the Traits on Epic Troops are much more expensive than Ultra-Rare. Troops with Epic Rarity and upwards have names.

TIP: All Trolls who have Spells that generate large amounts of Gems or mana are Epic.

Legendary troops

Legendary Troops represent the majority of the strongest Troops found in Gems of War and come with an average mana cost of more than 15. As well as their stronger abilities and higher stats, Legendary troops each also possess specific unique "Legendary traits", which are stronger than normal traits and provide team synergy when used. Most end-game teams are largely made up of Legendary Troops.

Mythic troops

The most powerful and incredibly rare Troops are called "Mythic" Troops. There are few Mythics in comparison to Rare or even Legendary Troops in the game: Mythics have a high mana cost typically above 20, 2-3 parts to their Spells, stronger Legendary Traits and very high Skills. The Traits of Mythics can provide a lot of benefit to other Troops on the team. 

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