Collect and earn Troops

Gems of War has over 400 Troops with Troop Cards being released each week.  Learn the different ways to find or create Troops in Gems of War. There's more than just Chests!


Chests are the most common way to earn Troops. Chests are opened using Keys which are one of the most common and widely accessible resources in the game. Opening a Chest provides a random chance to earn Troops of various Rarities.

Except for VIP Keys, opening just one Chest with a Key gives you either a resource such as a Traitstone or a Troop. The Rarity of the Troops you can earn depends on how rare the Chest is. A full breakdown on what types of Troops are available in each type of Chest can be found here.


NOTE: The Chest menu is not in any particular order. 


Completing a Kingdom's Questline will reward you with a guaranteed copy of the Epic Troop that guides you through that Kingdom's quest. For example, finishing the Broken Spire Questline rewards the Epic Troop Luther.


Weekly Events

Weekly Events contain a special challenge with six Reward Milestones. This is the same quest-giver or Epic Troop that is found after completing a Kingdom's Questline. However, if you earn 100 Event Points (green stones) you can obtain 3 copies of the Troop instead of just 1. 


Weekly Events always have at least one Glory Pack that contains a new Troop that isn't in Chests yet. There are also other Bundles that contain additional Troops, purchasable with money. All Bundles are found in the Shop.



Live Event shop

A new Troop is available in the Invasion, Raid Boss, and Bounty Shop each time these Events run and can be purchased along with other Rewards for Gems. Depending on the Tier or level of Pack the special Event Troop will be available as well as other Troops from the Kingdom featured in the Event that week.



The Soulforge

Each week a different selection of Troops are available to craft in the Soulforge using Jewels, Traitstones, and Souls. Mythic Troops (Troops of the highest rarity and value) also rotate in availability along with other Legendary Troops.



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