Team Score

Team score is the number that appears next to a fist icon, when you look at an opponent in PVP or when you create a team in the troop menu.


How does Team Score work?

Team score is used to measure the potential difficulty or toughness of a team, but can also be used to show a player’s current progress in the game. A team’s score is calculated by using the following:

  • Hero Progress: This includes the heroes level and current Gem Mastery
  • Kingdom Progress: This is mainly for Gem Mastery and Skill point bonuses given by each kingdom, which can be earned by levelling a kingdom to 10 or gaining Kingdom Power.
  • Guilds: Guilds give Gem Masteries to players as their guild statues level up. These bonus Gem Mastery get capped once the guild statue reaches max level at 200.
  • Troop Progress: This is based on what troops are used on the team. What level are they, what rarity/ ascension are they and how many traits they have unlocked.

The further into the game a player gets, the more their team score will increase. Once a player reaches end game, then they may see their team score doesn’t increase as much as they have achieved many of the caps for each part (kingdom levels or troop progress, etc).


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