Save your progress and link or recover your account in Gems of War

Your game progress is automatically saved to our servers. If your device becomes lost or stolen or if you reinstall the game, you may lose access to your account.

NOTE: You can use the same account between PC and Mobile (iOS/Android), however you cannot play your Xbox or PS4 game on another platform.


  1. Recover or link your password
    • Go here if you've already registered your account and you want to link it or you forgot your password.
  2. Register your account
    • Go here if you want to save your progress so you can reinstall or play the game on another device.


Recover or link an account and reset password

Once you've verified your email and linked your account, you can either recover your Hero if you've lost it or use the same account from another device. 

1. Install a new version of the game and then click the LINK button, OR, from within the game select Settings > Account > Link to another account > Forgot your password?


2. Enter your email address and password.

NOTE: If you've forgotten your password click the FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD? button. If you didn't attach an email to your account you will need to contact Support.


3. Select your HERO (the Hero on the left will be the Hero you are linking to)


4. Confirm you selection. You can only have one hero on this device. The other hero will be deleted. 


Register your account

You will need to verify your email and register your account if you want to link your account and use it on another platform or ensure your progress is saved before reinstalling.

1. From the World Map, go to the SETTINGS Menu


2. Press the ACCOUNT button in the bottom right of the Settings Menu


3. Now press the REGISTER THIS DEVICE button. You'll need to provide us with your email (don't worry, we're not planning on using it to spam you!)



4. You will receive an email in your inbox that has a link.  You must click the link to verify that your email address is correct.


5. Now that your device is registered, you can get your password!  From the Account Menu once more, press the PASSWORD button to get your password.  Write this down and don't lose it!



6. You're all linked up!



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