Steam and PC performance issues

Follow the steps in this guide to help correct performance, crashing or hardware issues with Gems of War on the PC when playing the game through steam.

Note: Please ensure Gems of War of war is closed before doing any of the following. 

Verify game files

This process will make sure they're all up to date and correct; this will tell you if anything has corrupted in your installation & repair it.

  1. In Steam, right click Gems of War in the list on the left (Library)
  2. Select Properties
  3. Select the Local files
  4. Click Verify Integrity of Game Cache


Meet the minimum requirements and updates

The game uses the Unity engine: If you do not meet the minimum requirements for Unity, you will not be able to play Gems of War on your PC. Find the minimum requirements here.

Close the game and properly exit Steam. Next, check the following programs are up to date on your computer:

  • DirectX
  • Graphics card drivers
    • For example, Nvidia released a new driver mid-2017 that caused performance issues for players that had not updated
  • If you don't have Windows 8 or higher, download the Windows 7 Platform Update
  • Update your operating system to Windows 10*

*We realize this is a drastic solution and understand if it isn't possible to try this.


Check graphics card compatibility 

If the game is still crashing, it may not be able to find the right compatibility for your graphics card. Try the following:

  1. Go to Adobe Flash Player here
  2. Scroll down to "Verify if Flash Player is installed".
  3. Right-click on the spinning icon, click Settings and make sure "Enable Hardware Acceleration" is enabled
  4. If this fails, check your graphics card is not listed as incompatible here.


Set launch options

If you are experiencing a still black/purple screen, or if the game crashes after sitting on an infinitely loading screen, you can try the following at your own risk. Ensure the game is closed before performing the following:

  1. Open Steam and right click on Gems of War in your Library
  2. Select Properties > General > Set Launch Options....
  3. Type and enter "-force-opengl", then click OK and Close the dialogue

If the game continues to crash you can try any of the following texts (after deleting the text that was there before) in the dialogue box:

  • force-d3d11
  • force-glcore
  • force-gles
  • force-d3d9



Change your Graphics Quality/Screen Resolution out-of-game

The following should help with certain rendering/graphic related issues. Such issues usually result in a black screen with no game audio (as if it were frozen) or the audio is playing but a black screen replaces any visual that should appear.
Lowering your settings from the following screen should help you launch into Gems Of War properly:

  1. As you open Gems of War from Steam you should see the following window appear near the center of your screen:

  2. While this window is on screen, hold down the 'Shift' button. This should bring up another window that looks like this -see below
    Note: If the following window does not appear, close Gems of War and re-open it. This time hold down 'Shift' before the previously mentioned grey box appears:


  3.  From this screen, lower the Graphics Quality to the lowest possible setting, and set the resolution to something smaller than what is currently set
  4. Hit Play!


Send Technical Support a crash log

If your game is crashing, you may be prompted that an error file has been created. To find your crash log file:

  1. In Steam, open Library and right click on Gems of War
  2. Select Properties > Local Files > Browse Local Files
  3. In the new window that opens, locate and double click on GemsOfWar_Data
  4. Open "output_log.text"
  5. Attach this file into your support ticket.
    • Learn how to submit a request to support here.
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