Where is Treasure Hunt and how do I play?

Treasure Hunt is a mini game located in Zhul'Kari. The standard board of gems is replaced by a board of treasure - the objective is to go for as many turns as possible and convert your treasure into better loot.

In order to play Treasure Hunt, a Treasure Map must be consumed.

Getting Treasure Maps

Treasure maps can be acquired through the following methods:

  • By getting 7 or more Gem cascades on a single turn.
  • From the Glory Rewards tab in the Store (standalone Maps or the Spoils of War bundles).
  • From Guild Tasks.
  • From certain troops (Tyri, Marid, Lil' Johnny Bronze, and the Merchant's Blade hero weapon).

These maps will be kept until you use them in the Treasure Hunt mini game.

Accessing Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt is located both in Zhul'Kari's Kingdom menu and the Mini Games menu.


Playing Treasure Hunt

The goal of Treasure Hunt is to create as much valuable loot as possible in a limited number of turns. Players start with 8 turns, although the Green Guild Statue can increase this value up to a start of 14 turns.

Each time you match three loot items or more, they'll convert into a single higher-value piece of loot (which remains on the board). The objects on the board fall and cascade as normal.

The highest value loot, the golden vaults, cannot be combined any further, and - critically - cannot be manually swapped at all, even for otherwise legal moves (they can still fall to the bottom).

Extra turns can be earned by matching 4 or more of the same type of loot. A 4-match will give one extra turn (i.e. not use up a turn on that move), while a 5-match or higher will provide an additional extra turn (net gain of one turn).

When you run out of turns, your loot will be transformed into Gold, Souls, Glory, Gems, Glory Keys and Gem Keys, depending on what kind of loot you've accumulated. You also earn a random traitstone for every 15 moves.

Finishing a map with at least 60 moves will also earn Guild Seals (see article on the subject).

The rewards listed as you play, show all the possible rewards you can earn when the game ends. Tokens with multiple rewards, like the various types of chests, only give one of the rewards listed per token. So you can have multiple green chests that each give a different rewards.

You also earn a random traitstone for every 15 moves you make in the game. The stones are shown to you once the game ends, before the Victory screen appears. The victory screen at the end of the game displays how much you earned from the treasure map, as well as how many moves you took and a general score for the game.

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