The Arena is a Mini Game Unlocked by completing the Broken Spire Quest Chain. Battles in the Arena are played using a drafted team system. Each Arena Series you wish to participate in will cost 1000 Gold as an Entry Fee.

How do I access The Arena?

The Arena game mode can be found in the Mini Games menu along the bottom of the World Map Screen.


How does the Drafting work?

You will be asked to select from three randomly drawn troops at a time to form a team of the following:

  1. Your Hero (with your choice of any unlocked weapon)
  2. One Common Troop
  3. One Rare Troop
  4. One Ultra-Rare Troop

The Common troop is picked from three random Commons, and the pattern follows for each rarity thereafter. Once you have selected your team, they can be re-ordered however you wish.

It's important to mention that you don't know what the next set of troops is until you pick from the current set, so choose wisely!

Unlike the chosen troops, your hero's weapon can be changed at any point if you feel there is another Weapon that better fits with the team you have built. You can change your weapon on the right side of the Arena screen.


Note: You don't know what troops you have chosen until your team is full, remember what you pick!

Note: Newly released troops (Troops you can unlock with Glory when a new week rolls over) are usually added 3-5 weeks after being added as a reward in the in-game shop.

Are there any Special rules in The Arena?

When playing an Arena Series, these rules apply:
ALL Troops and the Hero are set to level 15, have no Traits and no longer benefit from Troop Type, Kingdom Type or Banner bonuses. Hero Classes are also Disabled.

The Arena is treated this way so that players of all levels, ranging from level 1 players to level 10,000 Players, can battle on an even playing field in a Drafted format.

The Arena also treats Summoning and Transforming troops differently. The in-depth rules can be located at the bottom of <this> article.

How do The Arena battles work?

Once you have formed your team (and ordered it as preferred), you will be pitted against teams drafted the same way. The objective is to win as many battles as possible before receiving two losses. Once you hit two losses or eight wins, you will receive prizes based on how well you did before receiving the second loss.


What Rewards do I get from The Arena?

You can receive the same rewards you would obtain from a PvP battle while earning your wins in The arena. You can also earn Champion XP (Click here for more info on this!) in Arena even though the Class is not active. As for the Arena rewards after completing your Eight Wins or Two Losses, they are as follows:


Gold and Soul rewards are modified by the difficulty setting being used, but will only be multiplied by the lowest used in any of the battles fought (i.e. if one battle is at Normal difficulty and the other seven are at Warlord IV, the rewards will be given as if all battles were played on the Normal difficulty).

You also have the option of purchasing the troops used for a Gem price after accepting your rewards. If you choose to accept the offer, all displayed troops are raised to level 15. The Gem price is determined by the amount of souls that are required to level them (based on your existing levels on those troops). The less you have upgraded these troops, the more Gems they will cost.




  • Try to choose cards with as many different colors as possible. For example: if you choose a Brown Common, try not to choose a Brown Rare.
  • Choose a weapon that suits the team (again try not to choose the same color a troop is already using).
  • Don't forget to change your troop order to the way you want it.
  • Choose Mana generator troops to help you power up your Hero's Weapon.
  • Avoid choosing troops that need special conditions to function well. For example: "deal triple damage if the enemy has a hunter's mark" or "boost damage based on gold collected"
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