Where is the Arena and how do I play?

The Arena is a Mini Game located in Broken Spire. Similar to standard game-play, matches are played in the Arena using drafted teams.

How do I access Arena?

Arena unlocks after the Broken Spire quest chain is completed, and can be found both in the Broken Spire kingdom menu and by clicking the Mini Games button.


How does the Drafting work and how do I play?

Once you have paid the entry fee of 1000 gold, you will be asked to select from three randomly drawn troops at a time to form a team of:

  1. One Common Troop
  2. One Rare Troop
  3. One Ultra-Rare Troop
  4. Your Hero (with your choice of weapon)

The Common troop is picked from three random Commons, and the same for the Rare and the Ultra-Rare troops.

It is important to note that you don't know what the next set of troops is until you pick from the current set, so choose wisely. Your hero's weapon can be changed at the last minute to fill out color gaps.

Unlike standard gameplay, all troops (including heroes) are set to level 15 and have no traits, shared type or kingdom bonuses, kingdom stat bonuses, or hero classes. Teams also have no banner associated with them.

Once you have formed your team (and ordered it as preferred), you will be pitted against teams drafted the same way. The objective is to win as many battles as possible before receiving two losses. Once you hit two losses or eight wins, you will receive prizes based on how far you made it through.

The highest base reward is 4000 Gold, 30 Trophies, 5 Glory Keys and 1200 Souls (the other tiers are shown below).

Gold and Soul rewards are modified by the difficulty setting being used, but will only be multiplied by the lowest used in any of the battles fought (i.e. if one battle is at Normal difficulty and the other seven are at Warlord IV, the rewards will be for Normal difficulty).

Players additionally have the option of purchasing the troops they used for a price in Gems. They are all raised to level 15 and the price depends on how many souls would be needed to level them (based on your existing levels on those troops).

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