Where do troop bonus stats come from?

The same troop at the same level but they have different stats (also called skill points), or an enemy warlock at level 1 that has a high Magic score? Where are these bonuses coming from and how do you get them? There are 7 different places where they can be earned:

  • Leveling
  • Ascension
  • Kingdom Level
  • Traits
  • Difficulty Level
  • Team Bonuses
  • Guild Bonuses


Leveling and Ascension

Players are able to spend souls they earn from battles to level their troops. As troops gain levels they get more skill points, making them tougher in battles. Troops will gain skill points at every level.


Similar to leveling a troop, ascending a troop to a new rarity will give the troop more skill points.




Kingdoms Level

Kingdoms grant a global skill point, once they reach level 10. Obtaining 5 stars on a kingdom will double the skill point's effect.


For example: A player has Blighted Lands at level 10, all their troops would gain +1 Magic from that kingdom. If the player then manages to get 5 stars on Blighted Lands, all their troops would gain +2 Magic from Blighted Lands.

Also collecting, leveling and traiting troops from the same kingdom will earn kingdom points which help a player earn Kingdom Stars for that kingdom. Once a Kingdom has earned 5 Stars (or more), the skill point gained from the level 10 Kingdom is doubled.




There are many types of different traits that can increase a troops Skill points. There are a couple of ways these traits can work: Team Based, or Special Condition.

Team Based: These traits, like Magic Spirit or Beast Bond, increase a troop's skill points based on other Troops in your Team, either from it from what Mana colors they use or their troop Type.

For example: Troop A has Magic Spirit unlocked, that give +1 Magic for all troops that uses Purple Mana. The team also has Troop B that also uses purple Mana. So Troop A will gain +2 Magic from Magic Spirit.


Special Condition: These traits, like Arcane or Frenzy, have a requirement that will trigger the skill point gain. Some of these requirements including: matching 4+ gems of the same color, taking damage, casting spells, or troops dying.

For example: Troop A has Frenzy unlocked, that give +1 Attack when that troop takes damage. The enemy matches 3 skulls and deals damage to Troop A. Frenzy then activates, giving Troop A +1 Attack.



 Difficulty Level

Most battles (with the exception of Ranked PVP), are affected by the your chosen difficulty setting. The difficulties Hard and Warlord I- IV, increase the enemies' stats making battles tougher to fight in return for increased rewards. 




 Team Bonuses

There are 2 types of team bonuses that can affect a troop's Skill points: Kingdom and Type. Team bonuses require that troops have to be unique so creating a team with multiples of the same troop will not grant team bonuses.

 Kingdom: Teams gain Kingdom Team Bonuses when there 2 or more unique troops in the team from the same kingdom. Each kingdom has their own set of team bonuses, so creating a team from one kingdom won't always give the same Skill points as creating a team from another kingdom.

 Type: Similar to Kingdom, Type Team Bonuses can be gained when the team contains 3 or more unique troops of the same Troop Type (eg. Beast,s Fey or Daemon).



Guild Bonuses

When a player is part of a guild, they can get guild bonuses. Guild Bonuses are given when the guild completes all the tasks in a task chain (for all Purple Tasks). These bonuses last for 7 days (though the effect can be stack if a guild continues to complete the task chain each week).


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