Are my Soul/Gold/XP Bonuses working Correctly?

The short answer is 'Yes! They almost certainly are working correctly!'

This is a question we get asked a lot, and we've never found a case where they're incorrect.  There are a number of steps to calculating the bonuses, and it's important to understand each one if you want to dig down and examine the exact amounts you receive.

  • In-Battle Bonuses (from traits such as Necromancy & Merchant)
  • Post-Battle Bonuses, which include 2 things:
    • Bonuses from VIP-Level, Armor & Guilds
    • Difficulty Bonuses (from your chosen Difficulty, which do NOT apply to ranked PvP)
  • Event Bonuses (from weekly events where you gain bonus gold, souls, etc...)


1. In-Battle Bonuses

These are things like Necromancy & Merchant (generally traits on troops).  They increase the Souls and Gold you get DURING battle.  You can see your total Gold & Souls displayed above the gem board.


In the image above you can see 2 numbers for both Gold & Souls... the first is what you've earned so far, the second number if the maximum you CAN earn in this battle.  There are no Merchant or Necromancy bonuses in the example above, so the basic maximums you can get are 100 Gold and 40 Souls.

Now if you have Necromancy or Merchant 2 things happen:

  1. Those maximums are increased at the start of battle
  2. Any Gold/Souls you get in-battle are increased AS YOU EARN THEM


In the image above I have a team with +25% Gold Bonus from Merchant, and +50% Soul Bonus from Necromancy. Applying those 2 things above, we see:

  1. My Maximum Gold has increased by 25% to 125, and my Maximum Souls has increased by 50% to 60
  2. I have matched 2 4-of-a-kinds which would normally earn +8 Gold, but I have received +25%, or 10 Gold. I have killed 2 enemies, which would normally earn me 2 Souls, but I have received +50%, or 3 Souls.

SUMMARY: In-Battle Effects like Necromancy & Merchant affect both your Gold/Soul Maximums, AND the Gold/Souls you gain AS YOU EARN THEM (not at the end of battle)

Note - if a troop with Merchant or Necromancy is killed during the battle, the bonuses still apply.


2. Post-Battle Bonuses

All +25%, +50% and +100% numbers you see come from 4 different areas:

  • VIP Bonuses
  • Armor Bonuses
  • Guild Statue Bonuses
  • Difficulty Bonuses

Now these ADD TOGETHER - they don't multiply.  So if I have +100% Souls from Armor, and +100% Souls from my VIP Level, I receive +200% Souls (or x3 Souls).  



In the image above, Vexx has a Souls Multiplier of x1.50. This consists of:

  • +100% Soul Bonus from the Deathknight Armor
  • +50% Soul Bonus from Guild Statues
  • For a total of +150% Soul Bonus (or x1.50)

Difficulty Bonuses are taken into account when you start a battle in a game mode where difficulty is applied (Like Explore for example). You can choose which difficulty bonus you would like to apply in a pre-battle screen:

Difficulty.jpg Difficulty_Bonus.jpg

Selecting the '?' icon will show the specific benefits gained from your selected difficulty.

SUMMARY: Post-Battle Bonuses (VIP, Armor, Guild Statue & Difficulty) ADD together, they do not multiply.  And if you are playing RANKED PVP YOU DO NOT RECEIVE YOUR DIFFICULTY BONUS.


3. Event Bonuses


Every week there is usually an event that gives you a bonus for doing something - for example, using the latest Troop in PvP to gain some bonus Souls.

These Souls are added to your reward AFTER ALL OTHER BONUSES are calculated and everything is tallied up.  We may alter this in future to have post-battle bonuses applied to it, but at present this is how it works.

SUMMARY: Weekly bonus events add their extra reward AFTER EVERYTHING ELSE HAS BEEN CALCULATED. 



We hope that helps you understand how our bonuses are calculated!

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