iOS: App Store Undergoing Maintenance

We've had some reports from players that when attempting to access the Store, they get this message:

The App store no longer lets players access the shop if they have in-app purchases turned off. This change may have caused the error you are seeing.

In order to access the store you will have to turn on In-App Purchases:

1. Go to your Phone's Settings
2. Go to General
3. Go to Restrictions
4. Enable Restrictions if necessary (if you haven't used Restrictions before you'll have to set up a pass-code)
5. Turn In-App Purchases on
6. Run the game, Shop should now be working

I know that some players like to have in-app purchases (IAP) turn off for various reasons, at the moment the best work around is:

1. Turn IAP on
2. Run the game
3. Once the game has loaded, Turn IAP off

This is a temporary fix, and you may need to do it each time you play (Sorry!).


If the problem persists, please contact us at support here:

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