Guild menu overview: Guild tasks, statues, shop and roster

What do all the different screens in the Guild Menu do?

The Overview Screen shows:

  • Level of the guild
  • Number of members in the guild
  • Overall ranking of the guild
  • Your standing in the guild
  • Levels of each of the six Guild Statues


Each Guild Statue can be expanded to display:

  • Its level and progress to the next level
  • The amount of mana mastery provided
  • The specific bonus unique to each statue (i.e. the purple statue provides a bonus to souls)
  • The temporary bonus from completing a task chain, whether it is active and (if it is) how much longer it will last


The Tasks tab shows each of the six task chains, their current tasks and respective rewards, and their progress towards completion. Players can donate gold towards finishing the tasks here.


The Seals tab shows:

  • Your weekly Guild seals
  • Your guild's total weekly seals
  • The range of activities a player can engage in to earn Guild Seals
  • The milestones required to unlock higher-quality Guild Chests, their respective rewards, and what tier is unlocked

This is also where players claim their earned Guild Seals for use.



The Guild Roster shows every player in the guild and their levels, as well as their respective contributions in gold, seals and trophies (both weekly and total). The Roster can be sorted by any of the above stats, as well as by level, alphabetically, or by players' rank in the guild. One can also view other players profiles by clicking the player's name.




The Guild Shop is where players can purchase additional weekly Guild Seals for themselves - which are counted towards the Guild's total - and also a corresponding amount of Guild Keys for every player in the Guild.



The League tab displays where your Guild ranks compared to every other Guild in the game. It shows the Guilds nearest to yours, as well as the top Guilds, and lists their overall ranking, current number of players, and total trophies. It also displays the League your Guild is currently in and how much daily bonus gold that entitles you to, as well as the milestones for the Guild being promoted or demoted in League.



The Guild Chat channel can be accessed from the button in the top-left corner, which is the same as the buttons in any other area of the game. You can choose between Global Chat and Guild Chat here.



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