What are Hero Classes?

Heroes can be be improved by unlocking one or more hero classes for them to use. Hero classes grant additional stats, traits, gem mastery, special weapons, and allow your hero to be designated as part of a kingdom, among other things. Win more battles as a class to unlock more features.


Unlocking Hero Classes

Hero classes can be unlocked by completing Class Quests, which are available in specific kingdoms after their main quest lines are finished. There are 10 classes (at the time of writing) which can be locked from the following kingdoms:


Quest Location
Warlord Broken Spire
Knight Sword's Edge
Priest Whitehelm
Archer Forest of Thorns
Warden Maugrim Woods
Sorcerer Karakoth
Necromancer Khetar
Mechanist Adana
Assassin Mist of Scales
Orbweaver Zhul'Kari