What are Hero Classes?

When a Hero Class is unlocked you are then able to give your Hero upgrades, like you would a troop. You can Level up the Class to improve Skills and Unlock Traits unique to the Hero Class.

A Hero Class is an Extension of what your Hero is capable of being. You must complete certain Kingdom Quest-lines throughout Krystara before you're able to unlock a Class from those Kingdom's extended Class Quests.

Equipping a Hero Class

To find the Hero class you've just unlocked: Open your 'Hero' screen and switch to the 'Class' Tab.
Note: All Classes will give your Hero a 'Kingdom', so it will count for your Kingdom Specific Team Bonuses!
Find more information on Team Bonuses here: What Are Team Bonuses?


Class Perks

Choosing a Class allows you to do certain things that a troop cannot; Perks for example. Once you have won a certain number of battles with a Hero Class equipped you will progressively unlock perks that give unique benefits to your Hero, like adding a troop type when unlocking the third Perk.
Note: Like the Classes Kingdom benefit, the Troop Type benefit will count for your Troop specific Team Bonuses.

Winning your 250th Battle with your equipped Class will prompt the Class weapon unlock! This will be sent to you via the in-game mail.


Changing Hero Classes

Your choice of hero class is not set in stone: you can switch to another class once per day for free, or pay 50 gems to switch at any time. 

Unlocking Hero Classes

These are the Kingdoms that you can battle your way through and complete to unlock Class Quests:

  • Archer: Forest Of Thorns
  • Assassin: Mist of Scales
  • Bard: Pan's Vale
  • Deathknight: Ghulvania
  • Dragonguard: Dragon's Claw
  • Knight: Sword's Edge
  • Mechanist: Adana
  • Necromancer: Khetar
  • Oracle: Divinion Fields
  • Orbweaver: Zhul'Kari
  • Priest: Whitehelm
  • Sorcerer: Karakoth
  • Titan: Stormheim
  • Warden: Maugrim Woods
  • Warlord: Broken Spire


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