Hero basics

Your Hero is your playable character in Gems of War and one of your strongest "Troops". You can level your Hero, gain and upgrade special Hero Classes, equip a Weapon and Armor as well as customise your look.

You can see just about everything you need to know about your Hero in the Hero menu, found on the World Map: Here, see your Hero's level and progress towards the next level in the purple bar.




In the Hero menu, the Skills tab shows you all your Hero stats and a break down of where all your Skill points are coming from.




The Masteries tab shows you your current Gem Mastery scores and a break down on where the points that calculate in "Total" are coming from. The higher your Gem Mastery of a certain color, the more likely you are to receive a Mana Surge for matching Gems of that color.


Earn Skill points and Masteries by levelling

Your Hero will gain Skills Points or Stats (such as Armor or Life) and Gem Mastery by levelling up. Though most players only reach level 1,500 at the most, the maximum level you can achieve is 10,000. Therefore, as you hit level 50 and continue to level-up your Skill points will be reduced. Every level up to 1,000 will earns Gem Masteries.

Earn more Skill points by unlocking and levelling Hero Classes which can be used to customise your Hero to what you enjoy playing. Hero Classes give skill points based on the Class. For example, a Knight will give a lot of Armor but a Warlord might get less. 


How do I level my Hero Class?

There are two main ways the Hero Class can be levelled, upgraded or improved:

  • Level your Hero to 20 or more with Souls for basic Skill or Stat gains. Reaching Level 10 also gives you a Home Kingdom.
  • Give your Hero up to 3 unique abilities called Traits using Traitstones 
  • Perform 250 battles with a Class equipped to unlock Class Weapons 

Equip or select a Class and use your Hero in battle to increase your Champion level. The more experienced your Hero is with a certain Class, the more special Talents you can unlock and equip!


Note: You don't have to have your Hero in your team to level up, use your Armor Bonuses or work towards earning your Class Weapon. However, you do need to have your Hero in your team to earn Champion XP.

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