What is PVP?

PVP, or Player Versus Player, comprises the bulk of Gems of War's end gameplay. You play with your team against the defending teams of other players. Given its constantly evolving nature, this is typically a fresher experience than replaying the limited quests and challenges in the kingdoms.

There are two main types of PVP - Ranked and Casual.
Note: While not in the PVP section, the Arena mini-game is also a form of PVP.



This is the competitive area of PVP. Victories grant PVP points, defeats lose PVP points, and everyone who partakes is placed on a weekly leaderboard. These battles earn the victor Glory as well (both the resource and, y'know, actual glory).



This is the more fun area of PVP. No points and leaderboard to worry about, so this is a good place to test new teams without fear of failure. The downside is that Casual PVP doesn't reward as much gold as Ranked, and no PVP points at all.



The Stats tab shows how you're faring in the weekly event, as well as your overall record. It displays Wins and Losses for both your Invasions and your Defends.


There are two buttons in the middle of the stats tab:

  • Tier Rewards - displays the rewards for advancing in PVP Tiers from 15 up to 1.
  • Ranked Rewards - displays the rewards for finishing in the top players at the end of the weekly event (the traitstones are always from the kingdom the event is held in), shown below.


Battle Log

Shows a record of your recent battles. This can be used to look back at the players you've fought (and those who've attacked you) to view their player profiles and defense team.



This is where you set your defending team; the team other players battle when they attack you.
Your defense team can be changed freely.
The defense tab also tracks your revenge fights (you get rewards for certain milestones) which can be tracked by an icon visible on each Opponent in the PvP menu.



The Leaders tab displays the names of the top 100 players in the weekly PVP event's ranked ladder, as well as their guilds, levels and respective weekly statistics. This also privately shows your own stats at the bottom of the screen for comparison.


Why can I choose from three opponents?

Both Ranked and Casual PVP allow players to select their opponent from a set of three other players. These will usually include an Easy, Medium and Difficult choice (although they are not labelled as such in-game).

The higher the difficulty, the greater the rewards from winning the battle.

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