How do Defenses work?

How do I set up a defense team?

Defense teams can be set in the Defense tab of the PVP menu, shown below.

A note to keep in mind when creating a defense team: The AI won't always do what you want it to!


 What do I get for using a defense team?

If your defense team wins, you earn some gold, souls and glory (as well as the occasional Gem or Gold Key) when you next visit the PVP menu. If your defense team loses; the player who beat you will be flagged as a Revenge target and will be worth additional glory if you come across them in the future and defeat them!


Do I get bonus rewards from troop spells (or traits) in my defense team?

You do not. This means having Alchemist will not get you more gold from its spell being used. The same is true for any troop with a spell that says it earns gold, souls, or treasure maps. For traits, the same is true of any troop with the Greedy, Merchant or Necromancy traits.


What happens if my defense team loses?

If your defense team loses, don't worry! Only small amount of PVP Points will be deducted if the match was a Ranked battle. You still get some resources for being attacked, not as much as succeeding in defending against the attacking opponent though, and they become a revenge target for additional glory if you fight them again.

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