Tributes are resources earned in the form of income once a Kingdom is unlocked. Learn how to improve the income you earn from Tributes and the types of income available. 



Tributes are the main source of Gold income and can also provide a small number of additional resources such as Gems, Souls, Glory, and Keys. To collect a Tribute, select the Gold icon pulsating above the Home Kingdom. At their base level, each Kingdom will reward a different amount of Gold, Glory and Souls. For example, Broken Spire's base Tribute is 200 Gold and 8 Souls, while Adana's is 175 Gold, 2 Glory and 4 Souls.

In addition to the standard Gold, Souls, and Glory, collecting Tribute from multiple Kingdoms at once will give bonus Gold Keys and Gems, depending on the number of Kingdoms paying Tribute.


To view the base level of Tribute Reward and a Kingdom's Tribute Chance select a Kingdom then select Kingdom Levels & Power and go to the Tribute tab.

Improving income from Kingdoms

To improve the amount of Gold and Resources you earn you can increase your Tribute chance and Tribute Amount for each Kingdom. This will result in a higher amount of Rewards each time the Tribute is collected.

Tribute Chance

You will not receive each Kingdom's Tribute every time you collect your income. Tribute chance is the level of possibility you have to receive the Kingdom's Tribute when collecting income. This can be improved in various ways: 

  • Each Kingdom Level raises the Tribute chance by 1%, up to a maximum of 10% for that Kingdom
  • Reaching Kingdom Power Level 3 doubles the Tribute chance for that Kingdom
  • Reaching Kingdom Power Level 9 triples the Tribute chance for that kingdom
  • Leveling your guild's Red Guardian Statue provides up to a 6% increased Tribute chance for all Kingdoms.

Tribute Amount

Tribute Amount is the total amount of Rewards you can earn beyond the base level from each Kingdom. For example, rather than earning the base amount of 200 Gold from Broken Spire you can earn 400 Gold if it is set as your Home Kingdom. Tribute amount can be improved in 4 ways:

  • Setting a Home-Kingdom doubles the base Tribute amount of that Kingdom
  • Reaching Kingdom Power Level 1 doubles the base Tribute amount of that Kingdom
  • Reaching Kingdom Power Level 7 triples the base Tribute amount of that Kingdom
  • Leveling your guild's Yellow Guardian Statue provides up to 10% increased Tribute amount for all Kingdoms.


Calcuating Tribute income

Your Tribute amount or Rewards are calculated automatically for you. The information shown in the Income tab of a Kingdom is the data that has already been calculated from your Kingdom Power, Kingdom Level, and Guild Statues. 

The "Gold per day" shows the total amount of Gold you earn from all Kingdoms per day, whereas "This Kingdom" shows the amount of Gold you earn with each Tribute collected from this Kingdom in a given hour.


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