How do I improve my troops?

The two main ways to improve troops are by leveling them and ascending them, both found by selecting the troop in question and going to the crafting area.

Leveling a troop is the easiest. By spending souls, a troop can be leveled as high as 20, depending on its rarity. The soul cost increases the higher the troop's base rarity is, as well as for subsequent levels. Leveling a troop gives it increased stats/skills (attack, life, armor, and magic).

Current Rarity Maximum Level
Common 15
Rare 16
Ultra-Rare 17
Epic 18
Legendary 19
Mythic 20


Ascending a troop is different. Ascension causes a troop's rarity level to increase: for example, a Goblin - Common rarity - being ascended one level becomes a Rare. Ascending a troop requires extra copies of that troop, and further ascensions need more copies; a Common can be ascended all the way to Mythic level, but requires significantly more copies to do so. Ascension gives increased stats/skills similar to leveling, but additionally allows troops to be leveled higher due to their rarity increasing.

Troops can also be improved by unlocking their traits, discussed in this article: What Are Troop Traits And How Do I Get Them?.

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