How do I navigate the Troop Menu?

The Troop Menu is where players can view their entire collection of troops. This is the area where troops are improved/upgraded and teams are made. This is accessible both from the Troops button on the world map, as well as when editing teams in the PVP area. Troops can be sorted, filtered, or searched for specifically.

Troops can be sorted by the following:

  • Name - A-Z or Z-A
  • Level - highest to lowest
  • Upgradeable - troops which can be ascended or traited or both are shown first
  • Amount (of copies) - highest to lowest
  • Skills/stats - highest to lowest, attack, life or defense (armor)

Troops can also be filtered by mana colors and by their home kingdom.

The Search Bar finds results from the text in troop names, spell names and descriptions, and traits and their descriptions. For instance, searching for 'baby' gets both 'Baby Dragon' and 'Dragon Eggs', the latter of which summons Baby Dragons and as such has the phrase in its description.

The sorting order, mana filter, kingdom filter, and search bar can all be used at the same time - for instance, one can filter to only Yellow troops from Adana and sort by Rarity.

Additionally, the Show All button in the top-right area of the troop menu can be toggled on to display the troops players don't have in their collection. In this case, with the filters above still being used, this displays DRACOS and Flame Cannon (two more Yellow Adana troops).

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