Troop menu and Filters overview

Use the Troops menu to view your entire collection of cards and Weapons, make upgrades to Troops or Weapons and edit Teams in Gems of War. Use the Filters menu to find what you're searching for.


To open the Troops menu select the Troops button on the World Map. The Troops menu can also be accessed from the bottom of the World Map or by selecting "Edit Team" on any pre-battle screen. Troops can be sorted, filtered, or searched for specifically. There are other Tabs for Weapons, Banners, Bonuses, and Pets. This article will cover Troops, Weapons, and using the Filters menu.



Using the Filters setting

The Filters or funnel icon is displayed on the far right of the screen in the middle when Troops is opened. Select this to open a menu with a variety of preferences that can be used to help build Teams, find Troops or Weapons of a specific type, or even search for cards from specific Kingdoms. 

To make an adjustment for - for example, show only Troops of a certain type - Select the filter to expand the menu and make your choices. When you are done, the changes will apply when you select Apply Filter and the menu collapses or if you select outside of the many. 


Filter options

  • Mana Color 
    • When filtering by Mana Color you can choose between:
    • Any Color: The Troops shown will use the color(s) selected and any other Mana Color
    • All Colors: The Troops shown will only use the Mana Color(s) you have selected
  • Kingdom - The Kingdom the Troop or Weapon belongs to
  • Troop Type - Species/Class or class, for example, Merfolk, Knight, Dragon, Elemental
  • Weapon Type - The type of Weapon categories such as Dagger or Sword
  • Spell Effect - The main action that the Spell performs. 

Ordering options

  • Name - A-Z or Z-A
  • Level - highest to lowest
  • Upgradeable - Troops which can be Ascended or Traited (or both) are shown first
    • Weapons that have Affixes available are shown first
  • Amount (number of Card copies) - highest to lowest
  • Rarity - Current Rarity including the Ascensions you've done
  • Base Rarity (Troops): Rarity of the Troop before Ascensions
  • Skills/stats - Troops ordered by highest to lowest in a Stat such as Attack, Life or Defense (armor) or Magic
    • Weapons are ordered highest to lowest based on the level of Attack, Life, Defense or Magic that the Spell provides (as opposed to the Hero's Stats).

Additional filters

  • Show Owned - Only show Troops in your collection
  • Show Unowned - Only Show Troops you don't yet own
  • Show All - Show all Troops regardless of whether they are in your collection or not



The Search Bar

The Search Bar finds results from the text in Troop or Weapon names, Spell names, and descriptions, and Traits and their descriptions. The sorting order, all filters, and the search bar can all be used at the same time - for instance, one can filter to only Yellow Mech Troops from Adana and sort by name.

EXAMPLE: Searching for 'baby' gets both 'Baby Dragon' and 'Dragon Eggs', the latter of which summons Baby Dragons and is therefore picked up by the Search Bar.


Team Slots

Use Team Slots are slots that hold up to 4 Troops in the form of a Team. These slots are accessible in the Troops menu or, once created, will appear in the pre-battle screen. Teams Slots store Troops in the Team, the banner attached to that Team, and the Team's name. To expand/collapse a Team just select the Team slot.

Slot amounts

The game begins with one Team slot and every 10 levels unlocks a new Team Slot up to the maximum of 26. At level 260 you can no longer unlock Team Slots from leveling up.  Each VIP Level that is increased will earn an additional Team Slot up to the maximum of 20 (there are 20 VIP Levels).

TIP: After reaching level 260 and VIP 20, the maximum total Team slots is 46.

team_slots.JPG     team_slot_expanded.JPG


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