Disenchant Troops

Exchange extra copies of Troop cards for Souls by disenchanting them. There are various ways to Disenchant Troops. This is the opposite of Ascending Troops.

How to disenchant extra copies of Troops

Troops can be disenchanted by performing the following steps:

  1. Enter the Troops menu from the World Map screen
  2. Select the Troop to disenchant
  3. Select Upgrade
  4. Select the Disenchant tab (third from the left)
  5. Use the green arrows to choose the number of cards to Disenchant
  6. Select the Disenchant button to the right of the selection arrows.

Disenchanting all copies of a Troop will cause you to lose its Traits as well as the copies of the card.


Types of disenchanting


Use the arrow indicator to customise the number of Troops you want to disenchant. This is the safest option. Use this option to remove all extra copies of the Troop that is not required for the next Troop Rarity level.

EXAMPLE: If you have 63 copies of Alchemist and Alchemist requires 50 cards to get Mythic from Legendary, then you can safely Disenchant up to 12 copies of Alchemist with losing the card's Rarity.


NOTE: To keep a Troop when Disenchanting or to Ascend it to the next Rarity level you must have the required number of cards plus one. 

Disenchant Max

If the Troop has been Ascended to Mythic Rarity, all except 4 copies of the Troops will be disenchanted. "Disenchant Max" will be unavailable if you have Ascended the Troop to Mythic Rarity.

Disenchant All Extra Troops

This will disenchant all Mythic Troops in your entire "Troops" collection down to 4 copies of every card. Be careful with this button! 


Souls received for Disenchanting 

Base Rarity Souls Earned
Common 5
Rare 10
Ultra-Rare 25
Epic 50
Legendary 100
Mythic 150



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