How do I disenchant my troops?

You can exchange extra copies of troops for Souls by disenchanting them.

Troops can be disenchanted by performing the following steps:

  1. Enter the troop menu from the world map screen
  2. Select the troop to disenchant
  3. Select Upgrade
  4. Select the Disenchant tab (second from the right)
  5. Input the amount to disenchant
  6. Select the Disenchant button


The amount of souls a troop can be disenchanted for depends on the troop's base rarity:

Base Rarity Souls Earned
Common 5
Rare 10
Ultra-Rare 25
Epic 50
Legendary 100
Mythic 150


There is also the "Disenchant Max" button. This will disenchant all copies above 4 if the troop has been ascended to mythic rarity.

"Disenchant All Extra Troops" will disenchant all mythic troops in your collection down to 4 copies.

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