Guild overview

Guilds are small communal groups within Gems of War of up to 30 players. Joining a Guild gives you benefits such as socialising, more resources and access to Guild Events.

Joining an active Guild harnesses the collective power of other players and means that you can earn more resources than you would as a single player. Guilds primarily earn resources by collectively reaching certain stages in Live Events and completing Guild Tasks where everyone contributes Gold. These resources can include things such as Keys which can be spent to open more Chests and gain new Troops, or to power up your existing Troops with resources such as Traitstones

Guild Benefits

  • Coordinate, exchange strategies for teams and gameplay, or generally and socialise in your Guild's private chatroom
  • Complete Guild Tasks as a team by contributing Gold and receive a variety of rewards in return
  • Level up Guild War Sentinels for Stat Bonuses during a Guild Wars week
  • Receive permanent bonuses for levelling up Guild Statues
  • Participate in Guild Events for big rewards and bragging rights! The weekly Guild events are Guild Wars, Raid Boss and Invasion.
    • One of these events runs each Week and they rotate after 3 weeks.





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