Completing Basic and Legendary Guild Tasks

Contribute gold to complete guild tasks and all members of the guild will earn the rewards from that task (including keys, gems, souls or other resources depending on the task) in their mail.

Complete basic tasks for rewards

All guilds can complete different coloured task chains to earn different types of rewards. Each task colour has twelve sub-tasks which become increasingly more expensive but yield greater rewards. Guild_tasks.jpg

Completing all twelve sub-tasks gives a skill bonus to your troops that lasts for seven days. These can stack with bonuses unlocked from the other task chains, but not with themselves.

Completing Guild Tasks also gives your Guild Statues experience points.

How to complete guild tasks

The rewards for each sub-task also change depending on the task and each give rewards.
The last few higher level tasks will give a greater value reward. For example, Purple Tasks give souls at lower levels but also intermittently give shards. At level 10 and 11, Purple Tasks give diamonds and more souls, respectively.


Coloured Tasks are completed when the required amount of gold has been contributed to complete each sub-task, as shown above where the contribution moves the task from Red Task 7 - giving 500 Shards - to Red Task 8 which will reward five Gem Keys upon completion.

Legendary tasks

Are unlocked once all six basic task colours (and their twelve sub-tasks) have been completed. Legendary tasks require 1,000,000 gold to complete but they earn all members a set of three high value rewards. These three types of rewards are picked randomly from:

  • Rare keys: Gem, event, or glory
  • Resources: Glory and traitstoned
  • Troops (Mythic or Legendary*)


Note: There is a small chance that troops will drop from Legendary Tasks, however if they do they will only be mythic or legendary rarity troops.

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