Guild currency: Chests and Guild Seals

What are Guild seals?

Guild seals are a special currency that can only be earned in a guild, and only used on Guild Keys - in the same way Glory can be used for Glory Keys. Each Guild Key costs 20 seals. What makes Guild seals special is that the earnings of all players in a guild are counted together, and reaching milestones increases the value of the contents of the Guild Keys.


Guild Keys are also the only source of a set of troops called Guild Guardians which appear in Level 4+ Guild Chests. Guild Guardians appear to be same as common troop cards but have a 50% chance to appear in any level of Guild chest. They are special cards with unique abilities that you won't find in common cards.

 Earning Seals

Guild seals can be earned from the following activities:

  • Daily login
  • Gaining a PVP Tier
  • Winning a Ranked PVP Battle
  • Winning an Explore Battle on Max Difficulty
  • Gaining a Level
  • Having a Perfect Arena Run
  • Completing a Treasure Map with 60 or more turns
  • Winning a Battle (any type - stacks with other battle bonuses)


Guild Seal Limits

Each player is limited to 1,500 seals per week, and each guild is limited to 40,000 per week (although players can earn the rest of their own 1,500 even if the guild has reached its max for the week). The exception is that each player can purchase additional seals for themselves, which can exceed the 1,500 limit, and also earn everyone in the guild some Guild Keys; these purchases are limited to one of each tier, per player, per week. 

There is a limit to maximum Guild Seals to encourage all players to contribute to the Guild Task rather than just one.

Note: Earning Guild Seals from Guild Wars daily Victories or from an Orb of Clans can exceed the weekly cap, though only if you have already reached your personal Guild Seal cap for that week.
For example; Earn 1,500 Seals by day 5 of the week and win the remaining 2 days of Guild Wars (giving 50 Seals for a Victory each), your total earned Seals for that week will be 1,600 Guild Seals.

Guild Chests

Guild chests are unique in that their contents' value increases as a guild's accumulated Guild seals increase during a week. Each milestone raises the rarity of troops available in the chests for the entire guild, making it ideal to wait until the end of each week to open these chests.

Additionally, the guild chests have around a 50% chance to yield a Guild Guardian troop. These troops start off as Commons, but possess the traits of Legendary troops and grow much more than standard Commons as they are leveled up and ascended.

Why am I still getting common cards?

Once you have ascended all your Guild Guardians to Mythic and have 4 copies of each Guardian, you will stop finding Guardians in the guild chests. All Guild Guardians must be ascended to Mythic and you must have an additional x4 Copies in order to stop seecommn 


Am I receiving my guild seals? 

When another member of your Guild accesses the Guild Overview screen before you, the game begins readying the mail for any seals left over from the previous week due to the weekly reset. When you log in this mail is sent to you (including the 15 seals from your current daily login) via the in-game mail.

If you are the first player to log into your Guild for the week, your Guild Daily login should should show accordingly, as times one (x1) on your Guild Seals page. If you do not have a times one (x1) next to your daily login, please send us a screenshot of this and we will compensate you accordingly.

All of your seals should be accounted for in the mail you receive at the start of the week, unless you are the first person to log into the Guild screen.

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