Where do I find specific Traitstones?

Each kingdom has a set of Traitstones that can be found within it. These Traitstones are based on the Kingdom's primary color(s).

The kingdom's Banner can be used as a guide for Traitstones found in that kingdom.


Another way to view a Kingdoms available traitstones is by selecting a Kingdom and looking at the 'Explore' game mode. Each Kingdom will display the Arcane Traitstone available as a reward from that Kingdom.


The Traitstone displayed in the Broken Spire 'Explore' game mode is a great indicator which shows us: This Kingdom will only reward Blue or Brown Minor, Major, Runic Traitstones and a Blue/Brown Arcane Traitstone.
Note: All Kingdoms have a chance at rewarding Celestial Traitstones.

It is also worth noting that the PvP game mode rewards any Random Traitstone.

Traitstones found in Gems of War Kingdoms

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