Guild Wars Battles counted as losses

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More information required from players - see 'fixing the problem'

The issue:

When playing in Guild Wars; various victories can count as a loss. This can be because of a crash mid-battle or a battle that is won is actually being calculated as a loss.


Fixing the problem

We need more information to fix this issue. The Gems of War team may have found the cause of the problem require further time to investigate it.* Please contact support and answer the following questions:

  1. Did you notice any new guild chat activity occur during the time the bug occurred?
  2. Do you play on the same game on two different devices at once? If so, is it possible the game was loaded on another device?
  3. Did anything else usual happen at the time (e.g. did you see a result for a day that hasn't started yet)?
  4. Which battle that you won counted as a loss?
  5. Were you playing any other game-mode before Guild Wars in the same gameplay session? After first logging in for that day, for example a dungeon battle.

Note*: Unfortunately there is no simple way to change a single guild wars battle result (it's not just a matter of us altering a number somewhere, as that result has already been forwarded into various systems and used in various calculations and can no longer be adjusted).



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