[FIXED] Guild Wars Defense Teams reset

Fixed with update 3.2.5. please update your game


This issue is fixed in the next update 

The issue:

At the beginning of the week you may set your Defense Teams in Guild Wars only to have them revert to a previous team composition. This usually occurs after Reset when the new weekly Guild Wars begin.

Fixing the problem

Note: This must be done on the day after the Weekly Reset at the beginning of the week, when you set up your teams for the week entirely.

The Gems of War team is aware of the issue and has fixed it for the next update. You can try the follow steps as a workaround until then:

  1. From Guild Wars menu go to the Defense Tab
  2. Set up any teams you wish, but make sure Day 1 has a team you DO NOT WANT there
  3. Press "Edit Team" on Day #1 and you will be taken to the "Troops & Teams" Menu
  4. On the Troops & Teams Menu, change your team to another one that you do NOT want to use
  5. Press the back button to return to the Guild Wars - Defense Tab
  6. Now select the Team on Day #1 to be the team you DO want.
  7. Back out to the world map



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