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Can I link my PS4/ Xbox One Account to PC/ Mobile?

Unfortunately we are unable to support account linking between XBox and PS4 and mobile (iOS and Android) devices for various legal restrictions that we must adhere too.

You can play the same account on mobile as well as Steam, but you'll have to start a new game if you were playing on console.

What Channels are for different Languages?

French: Channel 300 - 399, Italian: Channel 400 - 499, German: Channel 100 - 199, Spanish:
Channel 200 - 299, Russian: Channel 500 - 599. Join these different channels by tapping the green arrow in Global Chat to speak a different language.

How do I leave a guild?

Go to the Guild Overview. In the top left corner, select the Admin button. On the Right had side of the admin menu, there should be a button saying ‘Leave’, select that. Select ‘Yes’ to confirm.


What is my invite code?

On the right side of the map or main menu, click the "Options" (cog icon). Once In this menu you should find your Invite Code in capital letters at the bottom left of the screen.

Your invite code is not the same as your Hero Name. Your Hero Name is what is displayed to other players in global chat, guilds, etc - the invite code is used to identify your account; whereas the Hero Name can be the same as name as another players. The Hero Name is for display purposes only.

What do I do if my Guild Leader is inactive?

We are unable to change Guild leadership until the current Guild Leader has been inactive for 30 days or more or until the Guild Leader themselves contacts us requesting a leadership change.

If your leader is still inactive after the 30 days, please contact us again and we will be happy to change the Guild Leadership for you.


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