Why did the Gems of War UI change?

Why did the developers change the UI?

The old User Interface (UI) was updated by the Gems of War developers to improve the user experience by making it more adaptable and ready for future change.

The UI was given an overhaul in late October 2017. Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict the reception of the entire playerbase, and the update received a lot of constructive criticism. However, this decision was originally made to benefit the growth and development of the Gems of War community and the game's versatility; not in an attempt to ignore the player-base.

Moving forward, we will strive to incorporate as much feedback as possible whilst we complete the new interface. But you may still be wondering: Why was the decision made?

Creating faster game-play

Updating the UI to a flatter, more vectorised design means that asset downloads become smaller. The interface itself (borders, structure and boxes) are now inherent in the game, where previously each button and modal was a separate raster artwork that would need to be downloaded each time. The game will load quicker and require less data.

The art team worked hard to improve the particle effects and these are are now faster as of update 3.2.5.

Room for more

Having less assets to download means we now have room for other stuff in the game. We can continue adding Kingdoms, troops, and special effects. We can begin to widen our support for older devices.

Localisation to new countries

Gems of War is continuing to expand and add proper support for other countries. For example; at some stage we would like to properly localise our game into China. If any bugs or problems arise, the new UI will enable us to make changes and fix things quickly.

Making the interface modern

In the nature of live-service and free-to-play games, development occurred in stages. This meant that the UI happened in chunks of time over a period of four years; resulting in a mismatched game which appeared to have 15 expansions rather than a singular, coherent structure.

What can we expect?

We get it: The theme does not suit everyone. Unfortunately, we will not be going back to the old interface. Instead, here's what we'll do.

  • Finish updating the new UI - It's not possible to move to the new interface within a single update, hence some of the old artwork is still around. Update-by-update we hope to improve it to become a more unified whole
  • Involve the community - Many decisions about structure and layout are already set in stone and must be kept.* We will do our best to involve you with the things communities are great at, such as details and finesse which players often have great insights into.* More details to come soon
  • Potential for further localisation - We would love to expand our playerbase to other countries and share the love of Gems of War! Updating the UI will speed up this process.

*Note: Many choices regarding the UI have been made to support future features, and must also be made with no particular player group (new or late-game) in mind. Therefore, while something might not work for you, it might for someone else.

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