My account is deactivated

Learn how to avoid account deactivation and what to do if your account is deactivated.

If your account has '_DEACTIVATED' at the end of your invite code it has been deactivated. 


Avoiding account deactivation

Originally, account linking was added to enable you play the same account on different devices or to recover a lost account. However, excess use of account linking can cause this '_deactivation' flag to be turned on, as it is used to deactivate the level 1 Hero created when recovering an account.

We recommend avoiding using account linking between multiple accounts on a single device as it may cause one of the accounts to be overwritten.

Steam/PC Account deactivation

We recommend having a separate Steam account for every Gems of War account you wish to operate to prevent deactivation. 

With our recent switch to the Unity Engine it is no longer possible to adjust the .json files to use multiple accounts on Steam. 

What can I do if my account is deactivated?

Contact Technical Support with your Invite Code, level, and email used to set up the account and your guild name - we'll help you reactivate your account.



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