How to view your support request

See if support has responded to you, update your request and check the status of your ticket.


Use my activities to update your support request

Once you are logged into the help center, select 'My Activities' in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Here you can view the status of all tickets you have submitted (rather than submitting another ticket, check if your other one submitted correctly here!), add a screenshot or respond to your request with more information. 




Attach a screenshot to your ticket

If you're on a mobile device you can take a screenshot by holding the Sleep/Wake and Home Buttons for iOS, or Volume Down and Power buttons down at the same time. You can then attach this screenshot:

  • After your help request has been sent by selecting 'Add file' in My Activities
  • When submitting a new request, at the bottom of the form, select 'Add File'
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