Connection issues troubleshooting


The following tips might help you if you encounter errors within the game or connection issues on your mobile device. Note that these are only recommended if you actually encounter a problem, not as prevention.

1. Connect to WiFi

Our game requires an Internet connection to run. If you are using a mobile device and running on 3G or 4G, change to WiFi which offers a more stable connection.

2. Turn your router off and on

Switch off the router using the switch on the wall (rather than the internet modem box itself). 

3. Android Connection issues

Android has a very thorough article that may assist you with connection issues. Find it here.

4. Disable data managers

Some data management applications on your mobile devices (For example, Opera Max) purposefully restrict the amount of data flow to your game. This can cause issues with Gems of War, even preventing the app from being opened. Most of these apps have an option to temporarily stop the data management or 'white-list' Gems of War. If not, you may want to consider uninstalling the app to continue playing the game smoothly.

5. Enable background app refresh

Usually this will help to save battery; however, if the app is not continuing your progress, ensure "Background app refresh" is enabled. 

6. Send support some information

Try the following:

  1. Click this link to open your browser
  2. A window should open displaying something; screenshot or copy/paste what you see
  3. Submit a ticket to support with the information included.

The information that you need to send us should display something similar to the following:

Gems of War
Version: 85
Deployed at: 30/01/2017 6:59:16 PM
Host: ip-172-31-57-213





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