Link your account before a Gems of War update

Gems of War will release its next update soon. (™)* Make sure you have your account linked and your password noted down.

What’s happening?

The development team hopes to release the next update soon. Before the update comes out, please ensure you have linked your account and noted down your password.

To link your account:

  • Open Settings > Account from the main world map
  • Select ‘Register this device’ and put in your email
  • In your email inbox, click the link to verify the email
  • Open Gems of War and note down your password in Settings > Account > Password

For more information check out this article.

Sometimes things go wrong

We’re still working on some issues with our Cloud servers that prevent your game from automatically syncing to the account you had on the app previously if you reinstall the game.

To avoid any potential hassle with losing your account if you do need to reinstall Gems of War, we recommend simply linking your account now. Note down your password.

What if I lose my account?

No worries! Simply contact Technical Support with the ‘Request type’ as Account Issue. Be sure to include your invite code, guild name and level if possible and we can quickly get you back on track.

*The update is currently with the QA/submissions team for each respective platform who are checking for any final issues. There is no guarantee it will be released soon: They have their own review process and schedule for working on things, so we don’t have an official date for release right now.

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