Guilds: Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Answers to common questions regarding guild management, issues and rewards.

What do I do if my Guild Leader is inactive?

We are unable to change Guild leadership until the current Guild Leader has been inactive for 30 days or more or until the Guild Leader themselves contacts us requesting a leadership change.

If your leader is still inactive after the 30 days, please contact us again and we will be happy to change the Guild Leadership for you. 

I'm having trouble with the way my guild does things, can you help?

Unfortunately we are unable to interfere with how a guild master chooses to run their guild. In order to keep things equitable, it's against our policy to do so.

Why am I seeing common cards in my Level 4+ Guild Chests?

You will still receive common troops in your 20,000 seal chest (Level 4+) even if your guild is a higher level because they are Guild Guardians. Guild Guardian troops are special in that they can only be obtained in Guild Chests, so they can be given at any chest level. Guild Guardian stop appearing in chests once you have 4 of all Guardians at mythic level.

Note: There is a 50% chance to get a Guild Guardian from Guild Chests.


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