[FIXED] Weekly events not resetting correctly (PVP, Guild Wars Tasks)

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This issue is now resolved. Please close and reopen your game.*


* Still having problems collecting your Guild Wars task rewards? Complete another guild task to trigger the rewards sending and ensure you check your 'Collected' mail.

The issue:

Due to a server issue weekly events/tasks did not reset on Monday; including:

  • Ranked PvP
  • Guild Wars
  • Collection Event ('Monster Hunter' with Sunweaver this week)
  • Guild Tasks

If you have this issue: You may not have received your rewards, be able to enter Guild Wars, and you will be unable to contribute to the events in any other way (i.e. PVP battles won't contribute to the new event even though it appears to be active and you can't contribute to Guild Wars tasks).


The error "The weekly event has ended. You may re-enter the Guild Menu to see the new event." may appear when attempting to enter Guild Wars.

Fixing the problem

The Gems of War team is looking into the issue and plans to have a fix out as soon as possible. Once fixed, you will have slightly less time to complete the weekly events (approximately 16 hours); however compensation for the issue will be arranged for all players.



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