I forgot my password in Gems of War

If you've forgotten your password in Gems of War and you've previously verified your email you can recover your account in-game. If not, you'll need to contact support by submitting a request for help here with "Account Issue" selected. 

Reset your password

To see if you've previously linked your account to our servers, check from for an email about verifying your email-address from Gems of War. Even if you linked an account a long time ago, you can reset your password by either:

  1. Selecting the Link button at the bottom of the screen before the game loads
  2. Selecting Account > Link to another account > Forgot your password? icon in the Settings menu from the World Map.

Next, follow the steps to input the email you previously linked to Gems of War. Go here for more information on account linking and recovery.

What if I never linked my account?

If you have not previously linked your account to Gems of War, contact Support with Account Issue selected. Don't worry - your account is not lost forever, we just need information to locate it.

Please provide as many details on your account as you can remember:

  1. What other names could your Hero have?
  2. Are there any other emails that could have been used with your account?
  3. What level was your Hero?
  4. Were you apart of a Guild, and if so, what was the name?
  5. What gender was your Hero?
  6. What race was your Hero? (Human, Elf, Orc, Dog, Cat, Fish)
  7. Do you remember what Armor your Hero was wearing?
  8. What class the hero had, or what classes you had unlocked?
  9. Do you remember what your Home Kingdom was?
  10. Had you made any purchases? If you were on Android, the GPA ID of your account will help us quickly recover it.
  11. Do you remember when you started playing Gems Of War?

All of these questions will help us quickly locate your account.


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