How can I get a Mythic troop?

Mythic troops are the highest rarity troop or card you can find in Gems of War and are therefore very difficult to earn. They require the most mana of all troops but their spells are very powerful and their traits are more useful.

Traits on Mythics tend to also be higher value if a percentage or number is involved (for example, Pharos-Ra can gain an extra 150% souls from battle versus Kerberos who gains 50%). Mythics are dropped randomly from certain chests and can only be guaranteed through the Soulforge or a shop purchase. 


The higher value the chest you open, the more likely the chance is of gaining a Mythic trop. 

  • Glory chests - Glory chests will occasionally drop Mythics
  • Gem Chest - Ultra-rare or better troops (10x chance for Mythic)
  • Event chest - Mythics belonging to the Event Kingdom or newly released Mythics can be earned
  • Guild Chest - The more Guild Seals your Guild collects each week, the better cards you'll find in this chest
  • VIP Chest - The best chest to earn Mythics from, and if you don't, 2 Epic Troops or 2 Arcane Traitstones are guaranteed.

Why can't I get Mythics from chests?

Gems of war is built around chance and luck. Some players may get to level 1,000 without having earned a Mythic whereas others may get one by the time they reach level 400. There is a chance to get lucky when getting new cards, and (unfortunately) a chance to get unlucky too. For example, while it get 1 in 50 Legendary cards from Gem Keys, sometimes you will get 4, but other times you might get 0.

Ascend a troop a higher rarity

Many common, rare, ultra-rare & epic cards are actually VERY strong in Gems of War and with the right team combination can even outperform Legendaries and Mythics. The ascension system will allow you to use duplicate cards to power up your copy of that troop! Depending on the troop, this can increase the troop's damage or the power of it's spell. 


For example, some troops have spells that scale (increase) with magic, so although they may not be mythic, Ascending them can create a very powerful troop as the damage they do with their spell will increase with duplicate cards.

Buy a pack

A Mythic Troop is Guaranteed in the Growth Pack II and Path to Glory II Packs found on the Offers screen.



Crafting in the Soulforge

Mythics can be crafted if they become available for the week in the Soulforge. For an on-going update of troops in the Soulforge you can visit the player-made website here. 

Xathenos & Zuul'Goth

Xathenos and Zuul'Goth are Mythic troops that can only be earned by crafting in the Soulforge - they are not available in chests.

Xathenos.jpg  ZuulGoth.jpg

New Mythics

A new Mythic is released on the first Friday of every month.

For one week after it is released it is the ONLY Mythic available in chests. So if you want to find it, the best time to do it is in the first week. The new Mythic will also be available in Event chests even if the Weekly Event isn't in the new Mythic's Home Kingdom.

You'll be able to see what the new Mythic by checking the news in game or on our official news page.


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