Unlock and use the Soulforge

Use the Soulforge with your jewels and other resources to craft Traitstones, troops (and mythic troops), weapons and more!

Unlocking the soulforge

Once you've completed all Quests in Blighted Lands the Soulforge will be unlocked. You can find it in the Games menu at the bottom of the Word Map or home screen.


The Soulforge has 10 Levels, each level is unlocked by killing a certain number of troops, or if you don't want to wait you can unlock the next level with Gems. Unlocking a new level will allow you to craft different items or even troops. At Level 10 you can craft mythic troops, including Xathenos.



Collecting jewels and crystals 

Most items in the Soulforge require Jewels in their recipes. Jewels can be won in Dungeon battles, bought in the Dungeon offers (look for the purple banner in the top right of the screen), or crafted in the Soulforge. To unlock Dungeons you need to complete all quests in the Drifting Sands.

TIP: You can see how many Jewels you have by clicking on the Jewel icon in the top left corner of the Soulforge. Be sure not to confuse Gems with Jewels or Diamonds!


Craft troops, weapons and resources

Select the type of item you'd like to craft from the available tabs. 


On the left under "Patterns" is a list of things you can craft. The number in green tells you how many of the item, Troop or Weapon that you're able to craft with your current resources. Select one of the Patterns and the Crafting recipe will be displayed on the right. The centre image shows what you will craft, the smaller images around it show what items will be spent.

You can use the arrows to craft more than one of the item at a time (e.g. 3x Kerberos troops). Next, click the Craft button and read the confirmation screen carefully when you are ready to craft your item or troop.

NOTE: The Troops and Weapons in the Soulforge change every week so be sure to check it regularly!


Why do some Traitstones require higher rarities to craft?

The Soulforge is intended to provide players with an option to craft resources they do not have for a price. Generally, Minors Traitstones are are more abundantly available. Additionally, many of the other resources available are relatively exclusive to the Soulforge whereas Traitstones can be found in many locations in the game. Although it seems a bit backwards, there must be a cost involved for the utility of having a feature that allows you to craft items you are lacking in the game.

Craft ingots in the Soulforge


All ingots - except for Iron - can be crafted in the Soulforge using Souls and Ingots of a lower rarity, requiring 10 ingots of a lower type and 100 souls for each ingot.


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