Treasure Gnomes, Vault Keys and Gnome Vaults

Kill rare Treasure Gnomes and score a Victory against the enemy team to earn extra rewards and a chance for a Vault Key. 

Treasure Gnomes are very rare NPCs that can appear randomly in most game modes. Kill them before they run away. Gnomes will have a 50% chance to run away if their mana is full and their spell or ability is cast. Killing one gnome gives you one set of bonus resources of a particular type, for example, extra souls.  Even if you do come across an NPC Treasure Gnome you must kill the gnome before it runs away (by casting its spell) and also win the battle to earn the extra loot.

Note: Gnomes will not spawn inside Guild Wars, Training Battles, Tutorials or The Vault.

What does a real Treasure Gnome look like?

An NPC Treasure Gnome that drops special rewards will have a loot sack icon in the corner of a card. They are very very rare and will spawn randomly during a battle, causing explosion and particle effects to appear. If the Gnome does not have a loot sack it is a normal troop on an enemy player's team. 


                            Collectable Treasure gnome  vs   NPC Treasure Gnome

Treasure gnome rewards


Treasure Gnomes will also drop rewards that are the same as normal rewards. However, the the icon for Treasure Gnome rewards is different - marked with a loot sack rather than the usual reward. There is a very, very small chance to earn a Vault Key from a Gnome. 

Note: Traitstones are currently included in the normal amount traitstone amount and will not have their own sack reward icon.

Vault keys and vault events 

There is a very, very low chance to earn Vault Keys by killing Gnomes. Vault Events are sometimes held on weekends. During this time the chance of Treasure Gnomes appearing increases and so does the chances of earning a Vault key. There is a Guaranteed chance to earn a Vault Key by closing Portal 5 during a Raid Boss event and completing Stage 7 during and Invasion Live Event.  


The Gnome Vault

Use Vault Keys by selecting Games from the Kingdom Map screen then Gnome Vault. This will place you in a battle against Cedric Sparklesack and 3 other Treasure Gnomes. If the battle is won and each Treasure Gnome is killed they will each earn a different reward (one reward type per Gnome). Cedric Sparklesack will also generally earn you a higher amount of one type of resource. There is a potential to earn a Vault troop if Cedric is defeated.


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