Report a bug or provide feedback in Gems of War

To report a bug, you must now follow the pinned post in our Community Forums here rather than contacting support. Game feedback and questions should now be directed to the forums, too.

As Gems of War gets bigger, we've made these changes to help technical support focus on assisting players with technical issues, missing rewards, and specific problems.

 Why did we make these changes?

  • This streamlines the bug reporting process to one location where the Gems of War team can review them with ease
  • Bug Reports to Support were often edge-case and other than passing on the details of the issue, the support team couldn't do much else to assist players anyway
  • Game feedback and questions were handled in the same way - in fact, adding the middle man of support made passing on suggestions/feedback more complicated
  • This will help free up the Support team, giving them more time to devote to other issues and technical requests

Posting in the Bug Reports category doesn't mean we aren't noting down your issue. A developer or support may not respond but all bug reports are read, reviewed, and noted.

What happens now

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