What are Orbs and how do I use them?

Orbs are powerful Rewards that are earned in Live Events in Gems of War. Use them upgrade your Troops and collect Guild Seals.

You can earn Orbs by playing the Raid Boss and Invasion Events with your Guild and by playing the Bounty Event. During these events, Orbs can be collected in the 'Rewards' tab of the menu.
If you place in high in the individual Leaderboards for these events you will have an extra chance to win Orbs. If you're lucky you can also win them as prizes by defeating the Gnome King, Cedric Sparklesack, in The Vault!

Types of Orbs


How to use Orbs

To use Orbs of Power, Ascension, Wisdom and Growth, find a troop you'd like to upgrade on the Troops page, click Upgrade and go to the Orbs tab.


To use an Orb of Clans, go to your Guild from the Kingdom Map, select Guild (Manage Tasks and Seals) and beneath the Guild overview select the Seals tab. Next, select "Use Orb".


What else can Orbs do?

You can also use Orbs to:

  • Upgrade your Hero Class
  • Craft Zuul'Goth in the SoulForge
  • Craft higher powered Orbs in the SoulForge
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